Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Mixed UP Alphabet

once upon the alphabet from a right down to z the letters played together a happy family they

never had to worry or ask what they should do when a said time to get in line they knew who

follewed who until one day its not fair im always last the z said to the o what makes a so special

thats what i want to know the o just shook his his head and sighed its alway been that way it will

so tomorrow like it was yesterday lets mix things up said z to a as they stood eye to eye swiching

places will be fun come on lets try and so they changed the z move up now he was first in line the

a hopped over next to y she said this spot is fine the other letters saw the swich too weve been

like this forever its time for something new l m n o p split up the p said this is better when

children say the alphabet we wont sound like 1 letter the Q skipped up to u and said you should

be next to me the m did t

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  1. Josiah, I am thrilled to know you have your own blog and I'm looking forward to checking in on it. Good for you!