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Thursday, September 1, 2011


A country in the middle east, and landlocked, there lies a very drie country called Afghanistan.
The counrty connects to China, Iran,Pakistan,TA

Sunday, March 13, 2011

super joe and the problem with the bay and massachussetts part 6

Super joe wanted to get to massachussetts early so he packed up quickly and threw the keys on the front desk.He charged threw the front door and started to run. He ran all night until morning. he saw a reastrant asnd quickly opened the doors and asked"may I have a pancake"sure said the person only if you have twelve bucks said the person"here you go" said super joe"here you go"said the person.Super joe ate everything and burst out the door.He ran until he saw the kentucky sign.He saw a durby race with the horses.Super joe saw one horse escaping.He started to run toward to it.He got on the horse and said"strait to west virginia" the horse listened to him and started to head east."this way will be faster he thought. The horse slid to a hault there, he saw the mountians and a really old log cabin this must be were abraham lincoln was born thought super joe."to west virginia" shouted super joe agian the horse listened and headed north.He saw more and more mountians we must be inwest virginia thought super joe.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

super joe and the problem with the bay and massachussetts part 5

Next morning, he got up early and packed up.He went to the lobby and threw them on the desk. He burst threw the front door. he ran to a gas station and looked at the breakfast menu.It was the food he liked.he went to the counter and asked "may I have a pancake and some waffles"?"sure"the man said "only if you have twenty bucks""I do "said super joe ."Welp here you go"said the man.Super joe sat in a empty chair and ate his food.As he took off running he stoped. He saw a sign that said:missouri 100 miles away "wow missouri ive always have wanted to go to missouri"he said so he took off running as fast as he could.He saw the missouri sign he slid to a hault.He started darting his eyes around looking for a hotel.There he saw thebiggest hotel in the hole wide world.He ran into the hotel and got some keys for his hotel room.He ran into the hotel room and turned on the telivison.

super joe and the problem with the bay and massachussetts part 4

What happened"? asked his neighbor "we hit the side of the road".Super joe got his lugage and hopped out of the bus. He ran all night and day until he saw the kansas sign."Wow" he said"I am already in kansas".His eyes darted around for a hotel."Oooohhhhh there is a hotel".So he walked into the hotel and got a hotel room."By the way said the guy incharge of the hotel "your super joe i'm your biggest fan ""who are you "?asked super joe"I am runnut" he said. Super joe ran into his hotel room and layed on the couch.He found the telivison romote and turned it to football channel.Go salt lake city he shouted over and over agian

Friday, March 11, 2011

Super Joe And the problem with the bay and massachussetts part 3

Super Joe looked out the window.He saw the colorado sign."Colorado already?"said his neighbor"Yup" said super joe.Super joe looked at his watch. The time was 7:30."Good thing I brought my pillow" said super joe"I also wanted to read"said super joe.Super joe took out his head lamp and book."What is the title?" his neighbor asked "it is How to fight villians" said super joe.Super joe read 24 pages then dozzed off."Hey just ninety-eight miles till Kansas! shouted his neighbor."Wha"? he asked "KANSAS IS ONLY NINTEY= EIGHT MILES AWAY! his neighbor yelled. Sudenlly BBBBBBBAAAAAAAMMMMMM! they had hit the side of the highway.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

super joe and the problem with the bay and massachussetts part two

Super joe took out his paper bag.He unrolled it and took out the mustard,hot dog, and candy bar.He poured the mustard on the hot dog"mmmmmmmmm that looks good can I have some"?said his neighbor."did you pack your lunch"?he said"Yes"He said"Well eat your own"said super joe as he took a big bite of the hot dog and mustard." When your done can I eat the candy bar"?"Are you crazy and like Isaid before eat your own lunch"