Saturday, March 12, 2011

super joe and the problem with the bay and massachussetts part 4

What happened"? asked his neighbor "we hit the side of the road".Super joe got his lugage and hopped out of the bus. He ran all night and day until he saw the kansas sign."Wow" he said"I am already in kansas".His eyes darted around for a hotel."Oooohhhhh there is a hotel".So he walked into the hotel and got a hotel room."By the way said the guy incharge of the hotel "your super joe i'm your biggest fan ""who are you "?asked super joe"I am runnut" he said. Super joe ran into his hotel room and layed on the couch.He found the telivison romote and turned it to football channel.Go salt lake city he shouted over and over agian

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  1. I have a question: what kind of car does Super Joe drive?