Friday, March 11, 2011

Super Joe And the problem with the bay and massachussetts part 3

Super Joe looked out the window.He saw the colorado sign."Colorado already?"said his neighbor"Yup" said super joe.Super joe looked at his watch. The time was 7:30."Good thing I brought my pillow" said super joe"I also wanted to read"said super joe.Super joe took out his head lamp and book."What is the title?" his neighbor asked "it is How to fight villians" said super joe.Super joe read 24 pages then dozzed off."Hey just ninety-eight miles till Kansas! shouted his neighbor."Wha"? he asked "KANSAS IS ONLY NINTEY= EIGHT MILES AWAY! his neighbor yelled. Sudenlly BBBBBBBAAAAAAAMMMMMM! they had hit the side of the highway.

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  1. Super Joe really gets around, doesn't he?! Good writing, Josiah. I'm so proud of you!