Sunday, March 13, 2011

super joe and the problem with the bay and massachussetts part 6

Super joe wanted to get to massachussetts early so he packed up quickly and threw the keys on the front desk.He charged threw the front door and started to run. He ran all night until morning. he saw a reastrant asnd quickly opened the doors and asked"may I have a pancake"sure said the person only if you have twelve bucks said the person"here you go" said super joe"here you go"said the person.Super joe ate everything and burst out the door.He ran until he saw the kentucky sign.He saw a durby race with the horses.Super joe saw one horse escaping.He started to run toward to it.He got on the horse and said"strait to west virginia" the horse listened to him and started to head east."this way will be faster he thought. The horse slid to a hault there, he saw the mountians and a really old log cabin this must be were abraham lincoln was born thought super joe."to west virginia" shouted super joe agian the horse listened and headed north.He saw more and more mountians we must be inwest virginia thought super joe.


  1. Now I know how Super Joe got his name - jumping on a run-away horse is ingenious! And to be able to command the horse to run to West Virgina is very clever! I sure hope he makes it through the mountains!

  2. Super Joe...this is Grandma T. $12.00 is way too much for a pancake. In order to conserve money (and energy) for future adventures, you need to start packing a lunch!

  3. GMAK again. Anxious for another adventure, Super Joe! Write soon!