Saturday, March 12, 2011

super joe and the problem with the bay and massachussetts part 5

Next morning, he got up early and packed up.He went to the lobby and threw them on the desk. He burst threw the front door. he ran to a gas station and looked at the breakfast menu.It was the food he liked.he went to the counter and asked "may I have a pancake and some waffles"?"sure"the man said "only if you have twenty bucks""I do "said super joe ."Welp here you go"said the man.Super joe sat in a empty chair and ate his food.As he took off running he stoped. He saw a sign that said:missouri 100 miles away "wow missouri ive always have wanted to go to missouri"he said so he took off running as fast as he could.He saw the missouri sign he slid to a hault.He started darting his eyes around looking for a hotel.There he saw thebiggest hotel in the hole wide world.He ran into the hotel and got some keys for his hotel room.He ran into the hotel room and turned on the telivison.


  1. Please tell me, does Super Joe go to Minnesota soon? I would love to see him!

  2. Great story Joe! I am anxious to see what happens next!